The Cyber Loop By-laws


The Cyber Loop (The Loop) consists of a carefully selected group of cyberspace professionals whose goal is to further the development of strategic thought regarding the cyberspace domain and how this domain relates to national security. Members are encouraged to engage in the debate. It is only through this debate that all sides of an issue can be explored. Those who deliberately block transmissions from individuals with whom they commonly disagree do themselves a disservice, because the name of the game is to entertain assorted ideas.


1. Any member of The Loop may initiate new topics.

2. Message strings that wander far from original subjects make it difficult or impossible for members to retrieve important exchanges, because original titles no longer are pertinent. Contributors should initiate a new topic in such cases.

3. Members should hit the Reply All key in response to ongoing dialogues only if their input would benefit all addressees, meaning it will help further the debate or understanding.

4. Spell out most acronyms and abbreviations the first time they appear in any message, because many members may be unfamiliar.

5. The Loop is a by-invitation only group. If you would like to nominate anyone to be a member, forward their name, biography and what they can contribute to Do NOT tell any Loop nominee that you have forwarded his or her name for approval. So doing can embarrass all concerned, because acceptance is a very selective procedure and not a guarantee.

6. Personal attacks on Loop members are NOT welcome. Participants who persist will be expelled.

7. Discussions should focus on issues.  

Overload Control

1. Members should scan traffic quickly, then delete unwanted messages.

2. Members who direct comments primarily toward one or a few individuals should limit address lists accordingly.

3. Inconsequential comments that unnecessarily clog mailboxes are unwelcome.

Non-attribution Policies

1. Personal opinions that members express may be used freely outside The Loop, but may identify the author only with his or her consent.

2. Published articles, items extracted from Blog sites, and other material already in the public domain are exempt from the foregoing restriction, provided senders delete The Loop addressees before forwarding to “outsiders.”

3. Periodacally, each member will receive an updated membership roster of The Loop replete with names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. No member may share this list with non-Loop members.