About Us

About The Cyber Loop

The Cyber Loop is an invitation-only discussion group formed in May of 2008. Our group is not chartered by the government, military or any private organization. We are an informal group of strategists.

The genesis for this project was the realization that compared to the other domains of warfare, not enough strategic thought is being applied to cyberspace, the newest domain of warfare (and diplomacy), other than by a relatively small group of individuals. Much of the discussions on cyberspace still revolve around tactical issues.

Our goal is to forge a community of high-caliber thinkers to further the development of strategic thought on the cyberspace domain. We have a number of senior military officers, senior diplomats, members of academia and industry in our group. Discussion topics run the full spectrum of cyberspace including its definition, roles, law, as it relates to ungoverned/ungovernable spaces, etc.

About this website

This website is provided as a public service by The Cyber Loop members. Our discussions are not hosted on this website.